My weekend looks a little like this:

And this:

For the next 4 days my incredible fiancée (1 point Shane), Heather, and I will be in LA hanging with some great new friends. We are going to experience as much of the city as possible. We will be hanging with the Red Eye Inc. crew who are currently pursuing an agenda of love for all people. I am hoping for big things from this weekend trip.

I have always loved the people of Southern California. Every vacation I've taken to LA has been eye-opening and thought provoking, but every trip has been a vacation.

This time I'm ready to serve. I'm ready to have fun and enjoy the excitement of LA, but I'm also ready to experience the hurt. I am asking God to break my heart for the things that break His and for my eyes to be focused through His lens. I want my passion for the hurting to cause my heart to beat right out of my chest. I want my love for an amazing city to seep from my pores. I want this weekend to be everything it could and should be for a God-fearing, human loving man.

If what I am expecting is what God is planning, things could get interesting.

Southland Is Waiting,

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