Rob Bell & Brain Cramps

Tonight I will be sitting in a very peculiar shaped auditorium, listening to a fairly odd pastor, speak a relatively unique message.

As I listen to Rob Bell speak I expect my mind to be stretched beyond that of a normal college lecture class. I plan on walking away from whatever he has to say with a mind full of questions eager to investigate the truth. Whether I agree with everything Rob says is beside the point.

You see, Rob Bell has stepped where far too many pastors shy away from. He has gripped the intellectual side of Christianity and forced people into a deeper knowledge of who God is and what He is saying to us.

Many of us have become comfortable with a 4th grade understanding of God: He died, rose again, and now we live for Him by making wise choices. The truth is that God transcends even the mind of a genius; so then why do we dumb down His word?

I like Rob Bell because what he has to say actually seems like it took thought. I like Him because He has challenged other great leaders to deepen their understanding and knowledge of God.

I've never heard him claim to know everything, but I know from the way he writes and speaks that he is working to know as much as possible.

Who stretches you to think outside of the box?

Who are the people you surround yourself with that constantly cause your brain to reach it's intellectual border and then cause you to jump past it?

God created nerds in more of his image than you think.

Do Not Fear Intellect,

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