3 Things Hollywood Can Learn From The Church (Part 1)

Hollywood: the center of influence in our modern world.

It's the place where dreams come true and harsh reality becomes public.

Creativity sores while real lives are left at stake.

Fame is the measure of success and body image is the drug of choice.

Everything within it's city limits has become a standard of greatness in today's modern world.

Having said that, Hollywood still has a lot to learn.

I believe there are 3 key elements that Hollywood can learn from The Church.

Element 1:

Substance is the key to captivating an audience.

In today's Church performance has become a vital part of the service. As soon as we walk into a church we are bombarded with music, video, hard copy marketing, and social media connections. All of these aspects of the church play a key role in how we engage our audience. Hollywood already understands how to do these things. We are driven to have the best presentation possible because the tiny town in Southern California has set such a high bar in that area.

What is different about the church is the substance of the video, music, marketing, and social media connections. The Church understands that what we have to say can potentially change lives. We are aware that a 2000 year old message is still relevant in today's world and we want to present it in a way that will draw people in. If we do anything less than the best in our media and marketing departments I believe we are doing God an injustice. We must present the message in a way that people will relate with. The message is what captivates the heart of the audience, the presentation is what brings them there to hear it.

That's one idea Hollywood has missed. They believe that attracting an audience, getting them to pay $8 for a ticket, and then giving them a movie that causes an adrenaline rush is enough to impact a life. Though a person may leave a movie theater with a sense of motivation or excitement, reality soon sets in that they are no closer to the life portrayed on the screen than they were prior to taking their seat.

When a person comes to church he or she can be forever changed by the message that is presented.

When a person goes to a movie he or she can be temporarily appeased by the inspiration of a fairy tale life.

One thing I must add is that there have been movies throughout time that have truly touched the hearts of their viewers, but what they all have in common is the fact that they are reality.

Movies that truly inspire are ones filled with heroics that are truly obtainable. Without a true message the presentation can only serve as a agitator of human emotions.

Maybe less sex, less drugs, less violence, and less money would actually bring more people to the movie theaters.

Substance Is Key,

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