3 Things Hollywood Can Learn From The Church (Part 2)

Why is is that young stars and starlets are constantly falling into some of the worst conditions of today's society?

Almost every week someone is Hollywood is divorced, over dosed on drugs, involved in a social scandal, or arrested from some alcohol related issue.

I know that these issues are widespread but in Hollywood it is constantly happening to the same people group.

Something I have noticed is that famous people hang out with famous people. They marry famous people. They live with other famous people. They party with other famous people. They stick to the Fame Flock.

If we can all agree that famous people stick together, doesn't that raise the question as to why famous people keep falling?

The second thing Hollywood can learn from The Church is the principle of accountability.

Though not everyone in The Church lives an accountable life, it is still a commonly taught principle of a Christian's walk.

Hollywood has one form of accountability, TMZ; and once it has reached TMZ it's already too late.

What if the friends of one fallen individual stepped up to warn others of imminent danger. What if great falls weren't commonly accepted as the norm in Hollywood? What if one star or starlet stood up to change the perceptions of fame? What if one Christian decide that it was time for Hollywood to change?

I believe that when Hollywood learns accountability we will see TMZ covering more weddings than divorces. I know that when someone steps up to say enough is enough we will see a revolution in the influence that seeps from that town.

I feel that soon Hollywood will understand that failure shouldn't be so common among it's people.

Eventually someone will step up for change and Hollywood will learn accountability.

I pray for the day Hollywood grasps it's opportunity for good and God revives it's people.

It Could Be Sooner Than You Think,

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