The Parable Of The Talents & A Life That Splatters

What are you doing right now?

Are you currently using the gifts God has given you to glorify Him?

Are you currently part of a career, church, school, or network that is pushing you to be your best for God?

Do you take your ministry seriously?

Are you chasing after your God-sized dreams with an unstoppable passion?

As I was reading the Parable Of The Talents in Matthew 25:14-30 (Go read it) I couldn't help but feel challenged by Jesus' teaching.

I have heard/read this story countless times but this time the Holy Spirit led me to see where this story applies in my own life. I am in a place of life right now that is absolutely crucial to my story. I know that seems pretty broad but I believe you are in the same place as well.

There is a reason why you are where you are right now. There is a reason why you have been entrusted with the influence, abilities, and blessings that are a part of your life right now. God has invested in you so that you may invest in others and glorify God. It's time that we start taking our situations seriously. Whether you are in a climbing phase of life or you are in your mountaintop experience, God has surrounded you with people, places, and situations that need your attention. God may currently be transitioning you to greater things but until that transition is complete you are to fully invest in your current situation. After all, sometimes we need to shows God that we can be entrusted with a few things before He trusts us with many things.

Give everything you have to be the best for God. Use all of your blood, sweat, and tears to fully invest in seeing His purpose throughout your life. Be relentless about pursuing His BIG dreams for your life but make sure some of that fervor splatters on the steps that lead up to the fulfillment of that vision.

I wouldn't want hide what God has given me for a fear that I may lose it...

Things didn't go well for that guy.

Invest Wisely,

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