Knowing People vs. Meeting People

Do you like meeting people or knowing people?

If you answered yes to either there is a chance you're a networker. Maybe you have had coffee meetings with more people than you have in your church on a Sunday morning. Perhaps you have met some of the greatest influencers in the world today. You may have even expanded beyond the array of church leaders and crossed over into the business world, sports world, or entertainment industry. You may have met with a lot of people...

...but how many of those people do you really know?

Something I strive for is to learn from every person I encounter. I may get a new perspective of God's personality, His creativity, or even His wisdom if I prepare myself to learn from everyone. Every person walking on this Earth has something about them that reflects a fragment of the image of our Creator.

When you take the time to ask personal questions, listen, and dig deeper into what makes a person who they truly are, your understanding of God begins to grow.

The next time you sit down and connect with a person at any level, take the time to see them for more than what everyone else does.

If you do this the money you spent on their coffee will always be worth it.

Take Time To Discover,

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