Wanted: Opinions

I need your help blog readers.

Next Monday I have the privilege of speaking to youth leaders from all over the country. Our Youth ministry, ThreeSixty, is holding a conference (www.redefinedleaders.com) prior to Pastor's School at Phoenix First.

(I may have just broken the link per sentence world record)

Anyways, back to the point. I NEED your help. Jesse Watson and I are doing a workshop on ministry in the 21st Century. During our "allotted time frame" we will be tackling the topics of social media, dynamic services, and personal networking. I have my personal opinions of what works and what doesn't, but I also realize I don't know nearly as much as I think I do.

That's why I want to know what you think.

If you are willing to help, leave a comment with your personal answers to these questions:

1. What is the most creative/off the wall idea you've ever seen/experienced in a church service?

2. What would make you more eager to interact with a church via FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc.? Do you believe that online ministry is an effective way to connect people with the local church? Why/Why Not?

3. Would you be willing to interact w/ a church that offers mobile notes, polls, and key scripture references during service? (i.e. and interactive service)

4. What is your purpose for personal networking? What drives you to read blogs, follow people on Twitter, and add friends on FB? (Be honest, I won't judge, other readers might, but not me.)

Your help and honesty will help me better equip other leaders that attend this workshop. I believe all of the principles Jesse and I will be discussing have a very important role in The Church and it's mission. The internet is becoming it's own nation so we have to find a way to share the gospel within it's borders.

Again, I value your opinions and want to learn from the people that stop by Revamp.

You are all awesome and I appreciate the help.

Happy Answering,


nick gill said...

1) an actual Eucharist meal, rather than the Lord's Snack
2) Intentionality? a focused missional movement rather than just random announcing of events, etc. A conversational atmosphere would help, as well, I think. I think online ministry CAN be an effective way to connect people with the local church -- but I think a lot of people doing online ministry aren't appreciating the essentialness of real local gatherings of Christians (even for introverts like me!)

3) Absolutely - although heavy interactivity will require some partnership with the Holy Spirit to keep people's attention from being fragmented and missing out on the unity of believers during the service.

4) Desire for connection, desire to open as many windows as possible for the aroma of the Holy Spirit to emanate from my life.

Shane Sanchez said...

Thanks for your help Nick.

Good stuff.

I agree that the Spirit needs to lead an online ministry as much as any other. If we are truly focused on developing a MINISTRY, prayer and the leading of the Spirit should be the driving force behind the intentionality of our mission.

Anonymous said...

1. Hmm. The most creative thing I've seen..well the church that I go to while I'm at school integrates a lot more technology than my church back home..which is pretty old-fashioned. I don't know about creative, but I know they use a lot of promo videos for small groups, classes, and meetings that I think are more effective that just plain annoucnements.

2. I think that it's awesome that many more churches are becoming internet-based through broadcastings of their meetings and also online church. I think it is crucial because it reaches a group of people that probably would have never came to know Christ any other way. However, I do think that there still is something to say about face-to-face interaction and true fellowship not just online meet-ups, etc. That's why I think it is crucial for the church to always have a mission and ultimately get people to come to church. (I know there are exceptions for certain people who just can feasibly make it to church because of some reason)

3. Yes, I would. I think as our generation becomes more technologically advanced, things like mobile notes, and references, etc are effective. However, I agree with the person above me--that everything done by the church should be of the Holy Spirit. I always think of how believers in the Bible didn't have any of this stuff. Technology can be such an effective tool, but it can also be one of the greatest distractions--so it should be used wisely.

4. Honestly, when I first started using social media sites--like Facebook. It was just people I knew/ aquainances that I friended. I didn't even use twitter until late in the game because I was so anti-Twitter. Yet, somehow I got sucked in and started "meeting" these awesome people that were on fire for God (like you!), and my perspective completely changed. I see how these sites can be used for good, how important and relevant information can be spread, and how I can see the work that God is doing with my brothers and sisters worldwide and locally.

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